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Forms for Mini-grants, Grad Night and More

PTSA Mini-grant Forms

Each year, Westmont’s Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) supports students, teachers, and programs through the mini-grant program. These grants can be used for materials, equipment, and activities needed in the classroom for student success.

The application process is simple:

  1. TEACHERS, check with your department chair and/or the Westmont High School Principal to confirm that your request does not fall under another categorical area covered by the department chair, school, or district office. *Please note that all field trips must be approved by the Principal prior to applying for a grant.
  2. Complete the Mini-grant application form (CLICK HERE).
  3. Print and return a hard copy of the completed form to the PTSA mailbox in the faculty mailroom.

There are two rounds of funding for every school year. Grant proposals are due in September and March. Specific due dates will be provided in an email from the PTSA.

The Grant Committee will review each application and submit its recommendation at the next PTSA meeting for approval, and you will be notified if your grant has been awarded or denied after the PTSA meetings in October and April.

If your grant is approved, upon confirmation you should complete your purchase and submit a hard copy of the completed reimbursement form (CLICK HERE) to the PTSA mailbox in the faculty mailroom, along with your original receipts.




Grad Night (also available on the Grad Night page)

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